September 25th, 2016


Как на пальцах объяснить простому американцу за Крым и Донбасс

          Тут  давеча    вице-президент   хромой  утки  Обамки   Байден,  или  как  там  его,  прокрякал,  что  для  Украины  предоставить  особый  статус  Донбассу  -  всё  равно    что  для  США  предоставить  особый   статус Техасу. Ну,  мы  таки     не  будем  сейчас  расписывать.  что  название   США  в  дословном  переводе   означает  "соединённые  ГОСУДАРСТВА  Америки"  и  напоминать,  что  там таки   у  каждого  штата  свои  законы.  Мы  просто     перепечатаем   старый  пост  Как на пальцах объяснить простому американцу за Крым и Донбасс.

А  вы  берите  англоязычную    версию,  и        не  рефлексируйте,  а  распространяйте  на  вражеских  ресурсах  с  припиской "Байден  всё  неправильно  объяснил  за  Техас!   На  самом   деле   ситуация  примерно  такая...":

About the correct analogies:

One of my acquaintances visited the USA (Kentucky – the most typical America), and the locals decided to inquire him as the one who arrived from Ukraine about the situation in the front, the relationship with Russia, etc.

That’s what he says:

They ask me about the Crimea, and I am telling them – Well, just imagine that the USA and Mexico were one state, and then they decided to split, and Florida, Texas and California remained with the Latinos (a murmur of discontent is heard). And then a coup takes place in Mexico and the enemies of gringos seize the power (loud murmur of discontent), repressions start, English is being banned (the faces of the listeners express total lack of understanding of such heresy), and then people in Florida decide to be joined to the USA, and they manage to do it (!!! The elderly among the listeners are enraptured), and then rebellion sparked in Texas and the Mexico regime moving in the troops and starts to kill the Americans (the listeners clench their fists), and the President of the USA is scared of deploying his troops as Europe would not approve of it, and Canada would stop supplying Christmas trees (sincere indignation and discontent), but Texas rebuffs the enemy and the Latinos can no longer control the border, cannot kill the Americans and shell their cities (happy outcries and almost applause), although California and Nevada are still in the hands of the Latinos (!!!) – at this point one retired man loses patience, gets up and says:

I’ve always known that Obama is a piece of shit! And they are lying to us about the damned Russians who are going to capture the entire Europe.

Actually, after the guy showed them what the flag of Novorossia looks like, all the questions disappeared, as most people know that under the banner featuring St Andrew’s cross no bad men can fight.

Oleg Mikhailov, Odessa

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Для тех, кто языками   не    владеет, имеется перевод:

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