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Well, hello, Americans from the occupied Sothern states. I believe that many of you are not interested in what’s happening in Ukraine, and don’t in fact know where Ukraine is. But in case someone hears that Joe Biden put his son on the Board of a Ukrainian oil company, and wants to find out what exactly is Ukraine, and what the heck is going on there, my advice is don’t put too much faith in your propaganda screaming about all kinds of terrorists, separatists and Russian subversives in the Ukrainian East. There is a war between the Ukrainian East and the Ukrainian West, which is not unlike the civil war between your North and your South. Of course, there cannot be any complete likeness, since one historical event cannot be an exact copy of another, but there some interesting similarities.

For example, over a century and half ago, the Southern American states decided to secede from the Union – and today in Ukraine, the Eastern regions, that is to say – republics already, decided to secede from Ukraine.

At that time in America, the Northern states, which had won their independence fairly recently from the historical point of view, refused the right to independence to the Southern states and went to war – and today in Ukraine, which received its so-called “independence” 23 years ago all neatly gift-wrapped, refused the right to independence to its Eastern regions and went to war.

At that time in America, the Southern states formed a Confederacy – and today in Ukraine, the Eastern republics are planning on forming a federative – or possibly a confederative – state of Novorossia.

The Southern states lost their war – and there are some who believe that the REAL AMERICA was born on July 4 of 1776 and died in 1865, after the South surrendered, and today… Now wait a minute, the ex-Ukrainian East is still standing! And if it will stand further (which we hope), depends on you too, my dear Americans from the occupied South. Is there anyone among you, who wishes to requite with the Yankee invaders and to repay the horrible monster that appeared in the place of the REAL AMERICA that died in 1865, to take up arms for the Confederacy? If there is anyone – then feel free to come at any moment! The veterans (of Afghanistan, Iraq etc.) are especially welcome! Why, there are Hungarians from the Saint Istvan Legion, Poles of Eurasian conviction, Serb Chetniks and even, they say, Israeli guys from the Aliyah battalion fighting for Novorossia. Are you worse in any way? Granted, Novorossia is far away from you, but did Hemingway not fight in Spain? And the today’s Ukraine – yet another historical similarity – is like Spain before the Second World War, and international brigades are on the march for us once again.

What was that? The American volunteers will have to fight against their own – mercenaries from Blackwater and Greystone? So what: the Poles are in a similar situation – there are Pole mercenaries from private military companies, and the above-mentioned Eurasian Pole volunteers fight them. And imagine the situation Jews are in.

Those of you who cannot come – just do your thing there: fly the Confederacy flag, hold referendums, or simply protest against the policy of your government that supports the Nazi regime in Kiev, which tries to drown Novorossia in blood. Come on, I know full well that your protests, if there are any, will give no results, but seek and ye shall find.

Oh, one more thing, by dear Americans from the occupied Sothern states. Here is yet another similarity: our Novorossia is also like your Wild West in the way that it used to be called Wild Plains a long time ago. But that is a whole different story…

PS. Для не владеющих языками сообщаю - это перевод поста «Конфедерация и   Новороссия» - http://sandra-nova.livejournal.com/864493.html

Вы   не рефлексируйте - вы распространяйте    на англоязычных ресурсах.


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(без темы) - polkovnik6 - 5 июн, 2014 09:47 (UTC) - Развернуть
5 июн, 2014 09:48 (UTC)
Большого эффекта не будет, но вода камни точит.
5 июн, 2014 09:48 (UTC)
Well, hello, Americans from the occupied Sothern states...
Пользователь russellab сослался на вашу запись в своей записи «Well, hello, Americans from the occupied Sothern states...» в контексте: [...] Оригинал взят у в Well, hello, Americans from the occupied Sothern states... [...]
5 июн, 2014 11:13 (UTC)
Re: Вот моя ссылка на CNN
Ссылки не нашла, но вам верю на слово, так что спасибо.
5 июн, 2014 11:09 (UTC)
Мой комментарий
С Вашей ссылкой очень хорошо вставился. Благодарю Вас, за хорошую тему.
5 июн, 2014 11:16 (UTC)
Ну вот же она! В комментариях!
DreamingVertebrate • 7 minutes ago
As high as 50% of the agitators and aggressors in the East of Ukraine are Russian (not Ukrainian) special forces or t hugs who cross the border at will. Close the border! Stop the Russian convoys bringing guns, ammunition and RPGs.
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Алексей Z • 9 minutes ago
Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by CNN.
http://sandra-nova.livejournal... Well, hello, Americans from the occupied Sothern states...
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Ratcheting Wrench • 10 minutes ago
Obama recently said “Four hundred thousand dollars a year to be Leader of the Free World, is just not enough,”

I didn't realize Obama is leader of the world.
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Хумбаба Ratcheting Wrench • 7 minutes ago
He is not.
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Ibrahim • 11 minutes ago
US sock puppets politicians don't know when they read puppet masters' speeches written for them it exposes their stupidity. An example, Kerry saying nations don't invade other nations in 21st century on completely trumped up pretext. Even Bush, Cheyney, Nuland, Kagan. Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and other warmongers in US got a big laugh out of this line.
5 июн, 2014 11:18 (UTC)
Re: Ну вот же она! В комментариях!
Ага, понятно.
Просто там очень комментов много.
5 июн, 2014 11:21 (UTC)
Вот ещё! ))))))))) мой)))))

Ratcheting Wrench • 4 minutes ago
Putin took Crimea with 0 fatalities, Ukraine soldiers defected like crazy. Why does the west want carnage still?
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Алексей Z Ratcheting Wrench • a few seconds ago
+ 100000000 Стомиллионов!!! за прекрассный комментарий! И Воообще! СВОБОДУ ЮЖНЫМ ШТАТАМ АМЕРИКИ ОТ ЯНКИ!!! СВОБОДУ ТЕХАСУ!!!
5 июн, 2014 11:40 (UTC)
маленький офф-топ. Сандруля, а чего вы на рексе коменты свои не оставляете?
5 июн, 2014 13:46 (UTC)
Иногда оставляю, но вообще чувствую, что это для меня уже пройденный этап.
Последний коммент мой был про Патриарха и Порошенко.

5 июн, 2014 13:21 (UTC)
Новороссия совсем нетворчески потырила себе гюйс ВМФ РФ.
5 июн, 2014 14:21 (UTC)
Энто ви, Изя, про Андреевский флаг так?

Но разве белое поле для вас
равнозначно красному?
Поздравляю: соврамши!
5 июн, 2014 15:01 (UTC)
Re: Энто ви, Изя, про Андреевский флаг так?
Гюйс - это не Андреевский флаг. Гюйс - это носовой флаг на кораблях и крепостной флаг береговых укреплений. Андреевский флаг - это флаг ВМФ.
5 июн, 2014 14:48 (UTC)
Да, в основе - андреевский крест. И що вам не нравится.
5 июн, 2014 15:01 (UTC)
Прямого креста нет. Так что - не совсем потырила.
Виталий Масовенко
6 июн, 2014 12:24 (UTC)
Флаг красивый, мне нравится! Да здравствует Новороссия!
2 сент, 2014 15:35 (UTC)
Очень хочется верить, что на этот раз Юго-Восток по
Пользователь krutina сослался на вашу запись в своей записи «Очень хочется верить, что на этот раз Юго-Восток победит!» в контексте: [...] перевести на     английский - http://sandra-nova.livejournal.com/864655.html [...]
29 июн, 2015 12:43 (UTC)
Новороссия и Конфедерация.
Пользователь serafimich сослался на вашу запись в своей записи «Новороссия и Конфедерация.» в контексте: [...] дняя запись (английский вариант) здесь - http:// sandra- nika. livejournal. com/864655. html [...]
30 июн, 2015 05:59 (UTC)
На нескольких сайтах разместил инфу) соответственно на сайтах Южных Штатов)
30 июн, 2015 07:32 (UTC)
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